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16 Nov

MCQ on Medicinal Chemistry - Anticancer agents and Antihistaminic Agents

Published by Shwetapharma

UNIT 01 -

(Antihistaminic agents and antineoplastic agents)


1.The basic ring present in  nizatidine is ----------------

A. Imidazole

B. Furan

C. Thiazole

D. Oxazole

Ans- thiazole


2.Which of the drug is antihistaminic




3.Histidine on -------------------- gives histamine

A. Carboxylation

B. Decarboxylation

C. Oxidation

D. Neutralisation

Ans - b. Decarboxylation


4.The agents used in treatment of allergic symptom like dermatitis ,pruritis ,urticaria ,running nose cause due to histamine release are called as

A. Histaminic drug

B. Antihistaminic drug

C. Hypoglycemic

D. Anti-hyperlipidemic

Ans - antihistaminic drug

5.Which of the following is not a second generation antihistamine

A. Cetirizine

B. Cyclizine

C. Loratidine

D. Fexofenadine

Ans - b. Cyclizine


6. Famotidine contain ------------------------ring

A. Furan

B. Imidazole

C. Thiazole

D. Pyrrole

Ans - c. Thiazole

7. --------------Belongs to dibenzocycloheptene class

A. Azetidine

B. Antazoline

C. Cyproheptadine

D. Loratidine

Ans – cyproheptadine


8. One of the following mast cell stabiliser

a.Cromolyn sodium

Ans - cromolyn sodium

9. Clemastine belongs to -------------derivatives

b.Amino alkyl ether

Ans - Amino alkyl ether


10. Ifosfamide is an isomers of

A. Cyclophosphamide

B. Procarbazine

C. Carmustine

D. Dacarbazine

Ans - Dacarbazine


11. Which of the following anticancer drugs act by inhibiting the topoisomerase II ?

A. Etoposide

B. Bleomycin

C. Cisplatin

D. None of the above

Ans – etoposide


12. The antihistamine with anti-emetic activity is –

A. Cetirizine

B. Promethazine

C. Loratidine

D. Pyrilamine

Ans - Promethazine


13. Identify the anticancer drug from the

following structure –

A. Busulphan

B. Thiotepa

C. Carmustine

D.None of the above

Ans –thiotepa


14. The drug useful for the treatment of Zollinger Ellison syndrome is ---------------

A. Cetirizine

B. Promethazine

C. Famotidine

D. Omeprazole

Ans - c. Famotidine

15. Azidothymidine is used as–

A. Antimalarial

B. Antineoplastic

C. Antivirals

D. Antiprotozoal

Ans- antivirals


16. Non sedative anti histaminic agents include all excepts -

A. Cyclizine

B. Cetirizine

C. Loratidine

D. Asetimizole

Ans -a. Cyclizine


17. An antineoplastic agents acting by folate  antagonism and having a petridine ring is

A. Trimethoprim

B. Methotrexate

C. Mercaptopurine

D. Folic acid

Ans -b. Methotrexate


18.Which of the following is propylamine derivatives ?

a. Antazoline

b. Triprolidine

c. Azetidine

d. None

Ans -triprolidine


19. Identify the following structure –

A. Melphalan

B. Chlorambucil

C. Procarbazine

D. None of the above

Ans -  melphalan


20.The separation of the ring and the side chain nitrogen should be ---------carban for optimal h2 antagonist activity




D. 5

Ans - 4


23.Which of the following drug does not posses an d-arabinoside sugar moiety?

A. Vidarabine

B. Cytarabine

C. Fludarabine

D. Fluorouracil 

Ans - fluorouracil 

24. The antihistaminic drug with no heteroaryl ring system in its structure is -------------

A. Meclizine

B. Doxylamine

C. Triprolidine

D. Medrylamine

Ans- d. Medrylamine


25. Identify the anticancer drug from the following structure - 

A. Mercaptopurine

B. Thioguanine

C. Methotrexate

D. Azathioprine

Ans - A. Mercaptopurine

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